Long-COVID Consultation

Das Bild zeigt eine erschöpfte Frau, es steht für die Diagnostik und Behandlung von Long-COVID in der Praxis für Kardiologie, Angiologie und Hämostaseologie in Düsseldorf

COVID-19 is a disease that affects a variety of organs and organ systems in addition to the lungs. Unfortunately, many patients suffer from long-term symptoms even after they have overcome the infection. In this case, the disease is referred to as long-COVID syndrome. Its main symptoms include: Breathing difficulties to shortness of breath, muscle weakness, cardiovascular problems and the so-called fatigue, which manifests itself as extreme fatigue, weakness and lack of resilience, as well as difficulty concentrating.

Currently, it is assumed that about 10% of all affected persons develop post-COVID symptoms. Weeks and months after contracting COVID-19, you may still feel weak and exhausted. You may experience chronic symptoms such as headaches, fatigue and cough, chest pain, and even chronic shortness of breath. Still, other sufferers simply notice that their personal performance is not at the level you were at before Corona. All of this can be enormously stressful. Incidentally, in the development of the so-called Long-COVID syndrome, it does not matter whether the course of the acute infection was mild to severe or whether no symptoms occurred at all. If you suspect that you suffer from post-COVID syndrome, we offer individualized diagnostics & treatment in our practice. Appointments in our practice in Düsseldorf can be made here.